Something in SyncKolab does not work?

  1. Recheck your configuration
  2. Check if you got the newest version of synckolab (try out the nightly at
  3. If you still have a problem create a bug report!
  4. Depending on your problem make sure you got all required informaiton (operating system, version of synckolab, thunderbird and lightning area always required!)
    • You get "unparseable" messages: Check the error console (Tools->Error Console) and check for an error message - it should automatically pause. Most of the time its also helpful to attach the "messy" entry (remove sensitive information before adding it in bugzilla)
    • For any other problems: Check the error console!

Submitting a bug

When you submit a bug please make sure to:

Latest bugs filed for synckolab

Bug #Description
25746 AutoSync not updating the correct IMAP entry or the TB address book
25738 priority not synced in kolab 3 format
25703 IMAP accounts not listed in Thunderbird 24
25684 synckolab stuck at initialising
25680 every sync shifts calendar entries one day into the future
25675 Date mismatch in calendar sync
25584 Synckolab 3.1.0 stopps working with thunderbird 24.0
25540 several questions.
25510 SyncKolab hangs at parsing id=content="unknown"
25498 Sync onlay works one way (and deletes everything the other way round)

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